What's Included?

What You Get with CoreResources

We make it easy for you to roll out your brand new custom resource center. You’ll immediately gain access to out-of-the-box features, including page templates, multiple content filter options, monthly reporting, and a content calendar template.

Included resource types

Resource Types for Every Website

The resource types that come with CoreResources will help you hit the ground running and get your content in front of the right eyes. Not sure if these are exactly what you need? All resource settings are easily customizable through CoreResources Settings located in the backend of your website.


Adding your Podcast episodes to your content hub is the perfect way to generate new listeners. CoreResources makes it easy for your website visitors to discover, listen to, and share your Podcasts.


Easily embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your digital resource library. This organized, easily digestible content will empower your sales team and give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business.


Embed and manage your pre-recorded webinars within minutes. With your webinars housed in one centralized hub, search engines can identify the value in your website and help boost your rankings.

In The News

In the News articles allow you to feature publications that have been published on an outside website about your brand. Publications resource types either redirect visitors to the original article or stay on your page based on your needs.


A whitepaper is an authoritative, in-depth report or guide that discusses a complex problem and presents a solution. CoreResources makes it easy to add non-gated and gated whitepapers to your website.

elementor templates

Customizable Elementor Templates

For WordPress sites using the Elementor Page Builder, CoreResources comes bundled with customizable front-end templates for every resource type, as well as archive pages. You can explore templates here.

elementor Widgets

Elementor Widgets and Controls

Customize your resource center with Elementor widgets. CoreResources includes custom widgets with robust controls to manage the design and content of your resource center pages. CoreResources’ data can also be utilized in Elementor Pro widgets that include a query builder.

COntent modeler

Create Custom Resource Types

Our Content Modeler tool gives you the freedom to customize your Resource Center settings without needing a developer. Customizing your resources to be as specific to your audience as possible will increase the impact of your content hub as a whole. Using the Content Modeler, you can add, edit, and delete categories for the following:

Resource Types

The primary filter you and your audience will use to browse your content (Videos, Webinars, Blogs, Whitepapers).


Additional filters to further narrow down the context of your resources (Resource Tags, Webinar Status, Product Type).


Create field groups and custom fields for each type of resource (Book Cover, Recipe, Additional Podcast Info).

Search Engine Optimization

Boost Rankings with Schema

Schema, or structured data, provides context to search engines about the content that’s on a given page. Adding schema to your pages helps search engine algorithms classify key data and highlight your page to users who type in a relevant query. But how do you know where exactly to add this data? 

With CoreResources, you can eliminate all the guesswork. Simply drag and drop the schema widget onto an Elementor theme builder template. Utilize CoreResources Schema Builder that generates the schema markup for you, and you’re done! With just a few clicks, you can significantly increase your page’s visibility and overall traffic to your website.

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